Artistic Portfolio

I designed a logo for myself, mainly to use for amateur radio activities. The lightning bolt was chosen to represent the electrical engineering aspects of the hobby, which is where the EE in KB6EE comes from. Designed in Inkscape. The typeface used is IBM 3270. The full logo has mainly been used printed on stickers, which I have used to mark my equipment. The other variants I have used as an avatar on various forums and websites, including this one. The variant without the EE text is intended for use at low resolution and when small, when the EE starts to become hard to read. In some places, I use the pride flags variant.

Personal Logo Collage

Young Amateurs Radio Club Branding Package

I am the treasurer of the Young Amateurs Radio Club (YARC), an international youth in amateur radio organization. I was asked to create a logo from concept sketches provided to me. The logos were created in Inkscape. I also created a branding guide for the organization.

Branding Guide (pdf link)

City College of New York Amateur Radio Society Postcard

Amateur radio operators will sometimes exchange postcards to show proof that they had contacted each other via radio. The RPI Amateur Radio Club had a card from the CCNY Amateur Radio Society from 1949. For a friend in the CCNY Amateur Radio Society, I scanned in the card and re-created it as faithfully as I could in Inkscape, with a few small tweaks. The CCNY logo and colors were taken from their branding guide.


Photographic and Digital Works

Some of my photography and digital art is available on my Flickr.

I have both traditional photography, with minor enhancements and tweaks in Darktable (similar to Lightroom) and GIMP, and digital art, designed in GIMP.

This Website

This website was designed around the base16 google-dark color scheme. The intention was to create a simple, lightweight, easy-to-read website where I could showcase projects and work I have done.

Sculpture Works

In Sculpture I, I created several pieces:

The Dancer

This piece was created based on a sculpture from a previous student (center) using only planar structures. A paperboard model (right) was made, then scaled up to the final cardboard sculpture (left).

Dancer Sculpture


This sculpture was based on the SISman mascot, which was used on RPI’s Student Information System until recently, in a contraposto pose. It was modeled in clay first, then carved from cork.

SISman Sculpture

Sweeney Todd Masks

For the RPI Players production of Sweeney Todd, we created latex masks for some of the ensemble scenes. The mask I created was based on a frightened and cornered bulldog. The mask was designed in clay, then cast with plaster to make a mold for the latex.